Building Philosophy

Our Building Philosophy

Buildings are complex and dynamic systems producing a heterogeneous indoor environment consisting of many microenvironments. At Thutsa Medical, we take great care in developing intelligent, high-performing buildings. Intelligent buildings emphasize the need for integration and application of technology. Conversely, a high-performance building integrates and optimizes all major high-performance attributes – including energy and water conservation, security, durability, accessibility, productivity, and operational considerations.

While there’s a common assumption that it is far more costly to build green than to build conventionally, this is not the case. The average cost premium of building green over and above the cost of conventional construction is between 1.1% and 5.0%. In spite of this, greater cost savings are realized in the long-term life cycle and operational costs of a building.

Benefits of Building Green

There are a number of benefits associated with green
and sustainable building, including:

  • Low Maintenance and Operation Cost
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Indoor Environment Quality
  • Water Efficiency
  • Material Efficiency
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased property value
  • Improved employee attendance
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Government and utility incentives

These benefits are taken a step further when applied to healthcare facilities. World Green Building Council’s Business Case for Green Building (2013) outlines a range of international studies have confirmed that green healthcare facilities provide better patient care and reduce the length of stay required in hospital. Healthcare operators are able to reduce their costs and patient-turnover, resulting in a better bottom line.

8.5 %

reduction in hospital stays

15 %

faster recovery rates

22 %

reduction in need for pain medication

11 %

reduction in secondary infections

41 %

reduction in the length of patients stay in sunlit rooms